Why Deleting Social Media Accounts is Good for You

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deleting social media
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I know we live in a world that social media is like the air you breathe. Most people actually started to believe that if you’re not any kind of social media platform, you don’t exist. Everyone is there and if you’re not on there, you feel excluded. Therefore, deleting social media that belongs to you seems so hard. Your friends share all that cool stuff and you don’t know about. Still, apart from all the cool stuff, here’s how social media makes you less productive and why deleting social media is the best thing you can do. Continue reading “Why Deleting Social Media Accounts is Good for You”

Simplify Your Life

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Source: Bigstock
Source: Bigstock

Simplify Your Life and Be a Better Version of Yourself

‘Simplify your life.‘ It sounds easy. Many people will say it’s difficult.

The truth is it is easy as hell.
Simplifying starts from your physical environment. You live what you see.
Everything you have seen in your life has become your reality up to now.
Take a good look around. Can you see the things that you honestly need to survive?
Probably you can. What are those things?

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